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Why Train With Us?

Training at Acceleration means being in a environment surrounded by professional coaches who push your boundaries and help you achieve your performance goals. We don't leave a stone unturned. In each session, we work on specific facets of your athleticism to make you better for today and for the future.

What Sport Do We Work With?

Football (Soccer). Rugby Union. Touch Footy. Aussie Rules. Rugby League. Swimming. Basketball. Tennis. Netball. Cricket. Athletics. Fencing. Golf. Figure Skating. Martial Arts. Diving. Race Car Driving. Baseball. Cycling. - Just to name a few. And, yes, we have worked with clients from each and every one of these sports.

We are currently offering the following programs:

Strength Group Enrolments Term 3 Speed Group Enrolments Term 3
Pre and post testing

Pre And Post Testing

Sports Performance is a science, and like all good scientists, we run tests. We measure your core stability, flexibility, strength, power, vertical jump, foot speed and agility. Your results are used to design your speed training and strength program to help you reach your goals.

Strength and power

Strength And Power

After your testing session, we know your strengths and weaknesses along with your sports performance goals. Acceleration Strength and Power programs use the equipment that is proven to work. Get better today with your sport specific speed and strength program.

Speed and agility

Speed And Agility

We define true athleticism through quickness, speed and agility. Acceleration is your speed and agility specialist. You will feel faster from day 1. Finish first. Get the mark. Blitz your opponents!

Strength group

Strength Group

Acceleration has developed these one-hour strength-training sessions for all sports. These are great for busy athletes who can focus on getting stronger in a concentrated block of time. For ages 12 and up, these programs are perfect to attend during the school term.

Speed groups

Speed Group

Get faster now with these 45 or 60 minute speed and agility sessions. These are great for busy athletes who can focus on getting faster and more agile in a concentrated block of time. For ages 8 and up, these programs are perfect to attend during the school term.

Strength camp

Strength Camp

Becoming stronger and more powerful will develop your son or daughter into a better athlete. For athletes 12-17 years old, participants will be coached through a program that includes flexibility, stability and strength training using free weights and cable machines. Look for these camps during the school holidays to maximize your benefits.

Speed camp

Speed Camp

This program has been designed to help 8-17 year old athletes get faster while having fun. It includes testing of speed and agility at the first session and then subsequent training sessions for flexibility, stability, speed, agility and conditioning.

Little Accelerators

Little Accelerators

Acceleration offers this great program, which expends some of that boundless energy of primary school aged athletes while teaching them how to run faster at the same time! This speed program includes drills and games designed to improve their running form, fitness and agility.

Acceleration high

Acceleration High

Support your coaching staff and students with our strength and conditioning programs. Acceleration has run several highly successful, long-term school performance enhancement companies.

Free speed testing

Free Speed Testing

How fast are you, really? Your 20m sprint time is the best gauge for that. Plus, it's fun to have a go and find out. Acceleration has the team and the equipment to test the speed of up to 80 people. We would love to come to your school or club for a free speed testing session!